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Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

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Stockings tits and Tranny cock!

Stockings tits and Tranny cock! What more can you ask for guys? Well ok how about me in Stockings tits and Tranny cock and my cock being hard. How about also if its wet with the lube I just fucked your ass with?

Or maybe dripping with the spit that you just put on it while sucking me off. Oh there are so many hot options when my cock gets hard. Lets get together and explore them and see what we can make happen. I sure do love a good hard fuck.

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Stockings tits and tranny cock

Ok guys now I need to ask. On first look at the image. Did you notice that you can clearly see my cock? Its just not yet hard. However its also not restrained by panties.

For those of you who have made up your mind and want to see the movie that comes from. Click the image. Its actually a pretty hot set and I know you will love it. The stockings were such a turn on to have in the set. I could not get enough.

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Naomi Chi sucking cock.

Naomi Chi sucking cock. Hi guys. This little screen cap photo is from a movie I made. It was a lot of fun getting my mouth and ass fucked in the kitchen. I happened to snag this shot on the movie and thought that it was pretty hot.

It is of course me Naomi Chi sucking cock! I hope you approve. If your into having your cock sucked then you might want to get with me. I love having a cock in my mouth almost as much as in my ass hole. For most men a blowjob is nice but they want the hole. They want to drive their hard shaft deep into someones love tunnel and make themselves cum. Well I am the girl for that! I love to suck cock to get the guy hot. Then I will turn right around and let him ram my hole. And if Im lucky he will let me do the same back.

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Naomi Chi sucking cock

Also keep in mind guys that I am one of those wild girls that loves to do everything. So if you have some friends, the more cocks the better. We can fill up ever hole I have.

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Sensual Shemale Naomi Chi

Sensual Shemale Naomi Chi!

Hello again guys. I wanted to talk with you about a comment I got in the members area of my website. One of my long time fans who I have actually met a couple of times made a comment. He said that I am the most Sensual Shemale that he has ever met. Basically what I would like is your input. Do you see me as a Sensual Shemale?

Please take a few minutes to scroll down on this page. Write me a note about what you think. Sensual, sexy, slutty, what ever you feel. Be Honest and let me know guys! I cant wait.

Sensual Shemale

Well guys. I will check back on this post a few times a day and I really hope that you reply. It would be nice to know.



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Shemale Legs!

Shemale Legs!

As you can see in the image below, as well as in the video, I actually have very nice Shemale Legs! They are also quite muscular but not overly so. My legs are still very feminine but strong enough to support you while you drive your cock deep into my tight ass. And oh how I love having that done. In fact if your ready right now after watching that video clip. Make sure to join me and let me know. I love a hard man that needs to cum!

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Shemale Legs

Of course you all know whats at the top of those legs. I have a rather large treat for you and once it gets hard I need to cum as well. So work your way up my legs, take my panties off and lets get the fun started. I am waiting for you right now.

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Naomi Chi Nude.

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