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If the Live stream above is not playing:
Choose Firefox > Tools > Add-ons.
Select Plugins.

In the list of Add-ons, look for Shockwave Flash (another name for Flash Player) and check the status that appears to the right of the plug-in name.
Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

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Shemale Naomi Chi in stockings.

Shemale Naomi Chi in stockings. Hello my lovely men that are ready for some action. Well the good news is, so am I.

I think that I am always Hot and hard and ready to fuck suck and have the best time with your cock and balls. And I also want you to have the best time with mine. But don’t ignore my big shemale tits. They need plenty of attention and if you like you can drop your hot load on them.Personally this is my second favorite place for a load of cum. My first would be deep inside my ass hole.

This photo set Shemale Naomi Chi in stockings is one of my favorites as it shows of my body in beautiful lingerie. Let me know what you think as well ok?

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Shemale Naomi chi in stockings

For those of you who like to see the entire shemale package, not to worry this set has plenty of photos of my entire body in lingerie.

Click now and get off with me. I can’t wait for you much longer.

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Naomi Chi Cumshot.

Naomi Chi Cumshot.

It is rare that I will post a photo or a movie of me shooting my load. I dont like to give everything away. Its just not how I do things. This photo Naomi Chi Cumshot is a peek at what I can do when I do cum. Its usually a lot of white sticky creamy milk and I love to keep it for the guys that turn me on the most. No it is not always the buff guys with a cock that hangs to their knees. I have been with plenty of them and not been turned on.

I am a woman

Its about the man that can treat me like what I am. A beautiful trans woman with big tits, a big round ass and a nice thick and juicy cock.  If you can do that then I can and will gladly cover you in my hot load. We can cover each other in milk. Just tell me where you want it and lets play together until we are both covered or filled with cream.

Naomi Chi cumshot

Let me just give you some hints on how to get me hot. Then you comment below and how I can get you hot. What I can do to your body to make you cum hard.
I love a man to kiss my neck and my lips. Soft with tongue. Oh and also make sure to be gentle in these areas. Then once we have gotten a little heated doing that you can move your lips down to my nipples. In this area you can bite just a little and pinch with the other hand. While doing this also slide a hand down to my cock.

Furthermore, If you want to know more of what gets me hot, and also what will make me shoot a huge load, then log into my members area.

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Transparent lingerie and a big tranny cock

Transparent lingerie and a big tranny cock! So looking at the photo below you have to ask yourself if you love a hot blonde tranny with big titties and a big juicy cock?

You also need to ask yourself If I a am the tranny that you wanted to see. I do look pretty amazing in the Transparent Lingerie a fan sent and I wanted to know if this helped put that twitch in your cock! Does it create that ache that you get. You know the one that starts in your balls and then works its way up to he head of your cock? Go ahead baby. Pull that piece of man meat out and start stroking. Lets get hot together and then we can both shoot our loads at the same time!

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Transparent Lingerie

Do not miss out on taking this lingerie off of me.. It looks as good on the floor as it does hanging over my body and hiding my big tranny cock. Come on baby I am waiting for you to get hard and to get me hard as well!

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Tranny tits cumshot.

Tranny Tits cumshot! So do you want to know how that hot load of cum gets shot onto my tits? Then you are going to need to watch the sample video to start and then log into my members area so that you can catch all the action and especially the scene where he busts a nut on my tits! Did I mention that he will also slide that big hard cock into my love hole from behind? Yes I even put one leg up on he counter while he hammers my hole nice and deep. But the end is the cum shooting out onto my big round titties and that something that turns me on so much.

And that is why its a Tranny tits cumshot video! Oh but dont worry he does bend me over and fuck my ass first after we suck each other off.

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Tranny Tits Cumshot

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