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Select Always Activate.

Close the dialog box.

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Take my ass from Behind!

Take my ass!

Hey guys, Its me again the amazing TS Naomi Chi! Well ok people have been calling me amazing so I thought I would use the description as well. Hope you don’t mind. What do you think of the word amazing? Does it fit me enough to use? Jijiji I kind of thought so but I do like myself!

Anyway this is a quick post to share a little ass with you! Do you like tranny ass? What size tranny ass do you prefer? A small tight one or a bigger and juicy one like mine? I sure like getting things put in my tight tranny ass. From your tongue to your fingers and cock all the way up to your fist and elbow. Dont be shy but do be gentle and make sure to kiss me and stroke my cock as well. If any of this appeals to you and I am sure it does, then! Please right now, Take my ass!

Tranny Ass

Most of you have never had a tranny ass like mine so I invite you to stop by and give it a ride and see if you like it. Oh, and dont miss out of me sucking your cock clean until you shoot your hot cum load right across my lips and pretty eyes!

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Thong Panties and a big cock

Thong Panties and a big cock! Don’t you just love a pair of thong panties on a hot tranny with a big ass and big cock? I do. I see the thong panties as a major turn on. The way the material goes up her crack and covers her love hole.

Also the way the material holds her balls in place and her big cock rides up the side in front! Man that gets me hard and makes me want to fuck a hot tranny right away! Another thing is I like the feel of the girls ass cheeks as she pulls her pants down.

I am sure that you are loving the photo of Naomi Chi’s big ass in this thong. Now can you imagine sliding up on the bed with her in this position. Now lean over and put a couple of kisses on that ass. As you do trace your tongue down the sides of the thing towards her ass hole. At the same time take a hand and cup her cock and balls in the panties.  By now she is most likely getting hard and starting to moan.

And when her moaning you know that you need to do.

Take a look at my photo below and see what you think? Am I also sexy enough in a thong?

Thong Panties

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Tranny Panties and big tits.

Tranny Panties and big tits. Yes those are panties on an amazing looking tranny and her name is Naomi Chi. They are just regular panties and as you can see they have a hard time holding that big tranny cock in place. Lucky for us Naomi does not care if her big cock and also her big tits are exposed. She wants us turned on and hard.

Now slide up on the bed. Crawl actually and move your face closer and closer to her body. Reach out with your hands and caress the cloth over her cock. Listen to her breathing as it gets faster and deeper. That means that you are exciting her. You might also see that her cock is getting hard.

Gently pull her cock out and do what ever comes natural to you.

Check out more of her photos by clicking a text link. You can also get her videos in her members area. They are all shot in Ultra HD and they look amazing. The perfect masturbation material.

Another thing is make sure she knows you are a member by emailing her.

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Tranny Panties

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We all Love Big tits trannies.

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Busty Trannys Naomi Chi and Nina StrongHold

Busty Trannys Naomi Chi and Nina StrongHold! SO after a long hard look at these two amazing busty trannys. Which do you find the most attractive? Naomi Chi on the left has the biggest cock and ass. Nina StrongHold has the tightest ass and smaller cock. They both love to suck cock. And also to get fucked nice and hard.

So which of them would you bend over first. Both are adorable and both have nice big asses. They also like to have their holes licked, finger and cock fucked.  How about banging both of the together? Could your cock handle that amount of ass?

Would you be able to pay enough attention to their tits? Being a fan of Naomi, you should already know that she has tattoos on her nipples. And also that her nipples are rather big. But how about those tight little nipples on Nina? Comment and let the girls know what gets you hot.

Because you like them busty you may want to try them both.

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Busty Trannys

You can take either one home to mom and also dad and no one would know that both of them have cocks.

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