Short dress

We all love to see a woman in a short dress. No matter if its a female or a shemale we always look and enjoy. But the truth is a shemale in a short dress is all the hotter. Why you ask? Simple. because if we get an upskirt shot we get to see a whole lot more!

Not sure what I am talking about? Kind of hard to believe that but ok. When a woman is wearing a dress that you can see most of her thighs, that means a good chance of an upskirt. To see her panties. Now on a GG you might see some sexy panties packed with a pussy. You might also see a bit of bush or a shaved area above her pussy. ON a trans girl her panties will for sure be packed with cock. And you might even get to see her balls escaping the confines of her panties on one side or the other.

The coolest thing about a shemale in a short dress is the simple fact that. If you get her hot and she gets hard. Her cock will be easy to see. And that is a lot of fun in public!! So make sure that you take a look at this hot movie of Naomi Chi and see how hot things can get!

You can click right here to join the exclusive members area of her website. Or you can also click on the image of her at the bottom of the page. Both links take you to the join page. Once you land there fill in the short form and submit it. Then on the next page fill in the rest of the new form and hit submit again and BOOM! You are in!

Do not forget that you can click this image below and Join her Custom and Exclusive members area!
Short Dress

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