Wet and Soapy

Ever been with a wet and soapy trans girl? Its a lot of fun. Getting into the shower or bath with the girl can be really exciting in many different ways. Just consider the things below as options on how to heat things up and make them hot. Click here to see more right now.

First of all you need to get naked. So you and lets say, Naomi Chi walk into the bathroom. The first thing you do is take her in your arms and kiss her passionately. While kissing her soft lips and playing with her tongue, you use both of your hands to take her shirt or blouse off. Then you gently kiss your way down to her tits. Finally removing her shorts or pants and you can continue kissing your way down until you get her 100% naked. She will do the same to you. You can even share blowjobs if you want.

Once naked you turn on the water and step in. Now getting wet you can run your hands over each others bodies. Then add the soap. You will both most likely get hard as you continue to kiss and use soap on each others cocks. The way her cock slides in and out of your hand is going to make both of you hard.

Now the rinse is another chance and you can kiss her body as the soap goes away. Kissing from her lips down. And now that she is clean and ready you can for sure suck her big hard cock into your mouth and work it hard. You might even make her cum. If not head for the bed.

If you want to see some of this wet and soapy action. Watch the movie below and then click on the image at the bottom of the page to join the members area for the complete movie! Click now!

This is the image you can click. So Click it!
Wet and Soapy

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