Orgasm face

Do you know what we mean when we say Orgasm face? Well for those of you that dont know about the Orgasm face I am going to smack some knowledge down on you!

Naomi was modeling this sexy little bikini trying to decide if she wanted to wear it to the beach. She had her tits packed in. And her big fat juicy cock tucked back. And she kept looking at herself in the mirror. As she moved and touched her body I saw that her cock was starting to stiffen so we decided to record her stripping and masturbating.

The more she touched herself the harder her cock got. And her nipples started to respond as well. I knew then that she has going to have a nice hard orgasm. However I did not know she was going to show the orgasm face and that I would catch it on camera. But I got lucky and caught the face below in the photo.

Enjoy this movie clip and photo. Then click the image at the bottom of the page so you can become a member of her website. Its all custom and exclusive. So click right now and join her. Also once in her members area, make sure to tell her how you found her!

Orgasm face

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