Sensual Shemale Naomi Chi

Sensual Shemale Naomi Chi!

Hello again guys. I wanted to talk with you about a comment I got in the members area of my website. One of my long time fans who I have actually met a couple of times made a comment. He said that I am the most Sensual Shemale that he has ever met. Basically what I would like is your input. Do you see me as a Sensual Shemale?

Please take a few minutes to scroll down on this page. Write me a note about what you think. Sensual, sexy, slutty, what ever you feel. Be Honest and let me know guys! I cant wait.

Sensual Shemale

Well guys. I will check back on this post a few times a day and I really hope that you reply. It would be nice to know.



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Shemale Legs!

Shemale Legs!

As you can see in the image below, as well as in the video, I actually have very nice Shemale Legs! They are also quite muscular but not overly so. My legs are still very feminine but strong enough to support you while you drive your cock deep into my tight ass. And oh how I love having that done. In fact if your ready right now after watching that video clip. Make sure to join me and let me know. I love a hard man that needs to cum!

Click the image to see the rest of this movie.
Shemale Legs

Of course you all know whats at the top of those legs. I have a rather large treat for you and once it gets hard I need to cum as well. So work your way up my legs, take my panties off and lets get the fun started. I am waiting for you right now.

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Naomi Chi Nude.

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TGirl in Panties!

TGirl in Panties!

So guys do you love to see a hot TGirl in Panties? Its ok if you are not a guy that is into panties. Or if you just prefer to see them covering everything down there! I wanted to share this photo with you for a couple of reasons. First I wanted to say thank you to Javier for the panties. I love them and can not stop wearing them. I have even blown a load in them a few times thinking about the fact that you wore them first. Check out more right now. My Panties are wet!

The other reason I wanted to share this photo of me in these panties is to ask you if you like a hot TGirl in Panties! Its that simple I guess.

Click on the image below to check out more of the photo set this image is from!
TGirl in Panties

Also would you be so kind as to leave some comments for me below about my panties, my boobies and my lips! I would love to hear what you have to say!

Hugs and kisses to all of you.


Do not forget that you can check out more photos of my boobies right here!

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Tranny tits no tattoos.

Tranny tits no tattoos!

Hi Guys! Most of you know my name and face but most of all know about my tattoos. Well I wanted to share a photo of me right before I got them. Let me tell you the little story about my new tranny tits. And as you read you will understand about my tattoos and why I chose to get them!

After you read, click the image to see the rest of this set. Its actually pretty hot with my new Tranny tits no tattoos!
Tranny Tits no Tattoos

So, as most of you know I had small natural boobies from the hormones I was taking. Once I saved the money I went to get my boobies done. I opted for the DD because I know that men love to play with big titties! A few days after the surgery I was looking at my new boobies in the mirror and I did not like the look of the scar. The doctor had done something different so that he could make my boobs stand up as much as possible and the over all effect was amazing. However I did not like the scar. So I went back to see him!

Sitting in the office waiting I was reading a magazine and it said that most scars like this do not easily go away. There are all kinds of things like laser that can be done but its expensive. I was sad. But the Doctor a few minutes later told me my scars would get thinner with time and that I could also cover them with some sort of tattoo. He joked that a big flower would look great because of the roundness of my boobs. Needless to say I loved the flower idea and went straight to get the tattoos.

Well now you know the story behind my Tranny tits no tattoos photos. So click that image above and enjoy them right now.

Otherwise if you want to surf a few more samples of my body. Click the following link!

Naomi Chi’s big tits!

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