A message from Naomi Chi

Hey guys. I wanted to pass along to you a topic of conversation I had with some of the other girls in our network.

We know that a lot of you have been struggling with finances lately and I personally wanted to thank you for being a loyal fan of my blog and also my website. Being a trans girl has had its rewarding things and its draw backs and I, like many of you have made a lot of changes in my life. But your support has been amazing and I hope to continue to have it. For those of you who can not support me with a membership you most certainly support me with comments here on this blog.

Remember that being together at this time of hardship is better than being apart. Pass on the love and extend the hand of friendship. If you have a website of your own and can link to mine I would appreciate it.

Big hugs and kisses to you my fans and friends.

Naomi Chi.

PS: Look for similar posts to this from the other girls as well.

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Naomi Chi Nina StrongHold

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