Naomi Chi Showering

Naomi Chi Showering is something that is actually a lot of fun to watch. But more than that is the fact that she can not get her own body wet and soapy without getting an erection. When I asked her about this, she replied that she likes to touch herself. And that most often she will close her eyes and think about a mans hands on her body.

Naomi says that when she showers its a few minutes to herself of peace and quiet. Time to feel her body being caressed the way she loves. To have hands gently moving over her trans girl curves but not necessarily touching her for sex. And that is part of what excites her the most. Click right here to see the whole movie.

Naomi wants a man to want her for more than her body. She wants to feel the passion in your stare. To feel your hand gently hold hers. And to have the heat of a soft kiss planted on her lips. She of course will respond to this in many ways including getting an erection and breathing hot and fast. All you need to do it is to realize how she is feeling and capitalize on it with more kisses and more caresses until she reaches out and takes you by the cock. Then things will heat up way beyond anything that you have ever imagined.

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Naomi Chi Showering

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