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Tranny 4some! Wow this gets hot

Tranny 4some! Dont miss out on your chance to see this amazing video. Completely shot in UHD 4k its an amazing movie of 4 hot trannys getting naked and fucking each other. This Tranny 4some is great and you will want to dive right in. So go now and see the whole movie. Another thing! Can you also see the porn stars we have? Nikki Montero, Naomi Chi, Nina StrongHOld, TaniaQ. What a line up.

Tranny 4some

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Sexy Bath time with TS Naomi Chi!

Sexy Bath time with TS Naomi Chi! So guys, its Sexy Bath time. You of course know what that means. I get dressed up sexy and then strip for you and take a hot bath! You can watch, like seeing my video. Or you can also join me. Which ever makes your cock hard and your nuts ache!

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Sexy Bath time

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Sucking cock! TS Naomi Chi the artist!

Sucking cock! TS Naomi Chi the artist! Honestly there is no shemale or tranny better at sucking cock. Ts Naomi Chi has a mouth like a hoover! And she works the head of your cock until you are about to explode! And she can drain a ball sack in no time flat!

Further more Naomi Chi likes to diddle your ball sack! And your ass hole while she takes your cock as deep into her throat as she can. Like mentioned above, there is no better tranny or shemale at sucking cock. Honestly we feel Naomi should have an award for this. The next time or the first time you get to play with Naomi, keep all this in mind! And make sure she plays with you.

Did we also mention how much she loves big toys and big cocks? Yep, you can Also fist her ass if you like and she will cum all the harder for it. Watch the videos in her members area to see some massive toys in her ass hole!

sucking cock

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Shemale HandJob. Getting not giving!

Shemale HandJob. Getting not giving! So, TS Naomi Chi gets herself a handjob? Thats right guys I wanted to have someone play with my cock a little so I got a shemale handjob. Thats where the guys gives the girl the stroke rather than the other way around! We have desires as well!

And did I mention we like having our cocks stroked? Well we do, or at least I do so grab my tranny cock right now and stroke away. Join the site right here and check out the members area.

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Shemale Handjob

Just so you know, the photo above is a screen cap from a video in my members area. That’s how good the quality of my videos are!

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Anal Sex! With a super hot tranny!

Anal Sex! With a super hot tranny! So, have you had Anal sex with a hot tranny? Did she fuck you and or did you fuck her tight ass? Either way getting some hot anal sexy from an amazing tranny is a great way to get your rocks off. First of all, most of these girls really know how to take it up the ass. So when they bend over you can drive it home hard and fast. They also know how to give it really well! Most of these girls also have big cocks so with the tight ass, they are perfect for a weekend fuck.

In addition to loving to fuck they also love to suck cock. In fact most tranny girls love anal sex so much that they often just use a dildo to masturbate their ass with while stroking off.

So the next time you are with a hot tranny and about to get some good anal sex, ask her how much she likes it. Also ask her if she prefers to receive or to give! You might open your eyes to a whole new world with an amazing tranny fuck!

Anal Sex

This image is a small version of the screen cap made from a video of Naomi with a cock in her tight ass hole! The video is also in UltraHD and that’s the reason the photo is so clear.

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Pre Tattoos! With my new big tits!

Pre Tattoos! With my new big tits! Hey guys. It’s me, Naomi Chi sharing an old photo of me pre tattoos! But with my new big boobies! I sure do hope that you like the look then and now! I also hope that you will stop by my members area and say hello.

If your into hot trannys with big tits and don’t mind the tattoos, I would love to have a piece of you!

Take a look and enjoy this sample photo. The ones in the members area are much bigger and I think you will like them. And the videos? Well they are amazing. They of course star me!

Pre Tattoos

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Check out this amazing Curvy Tranny!

Check out this amazing Curvy Tranny! Wow, first of all just look at that curvy Tranny. She is amazing. Thats TS Naomi Chi and she also has her own website with a members area! Furthermore she is looking for members that want to shoot content with her. So if your interested, let us here or her know!

Then all you need to decide is weather you want to be the top or the bottom. Almost all trannys are versatile and like Naomi they do like to let you decide. Naomi will ram your ass with her big cock! Or she will also let you ram hers. Feel free to also use toys on her ass while you fuck her. She says, the bigger the better!

In addition to liking cock she likes toys. Big is good but huge and hard is better. So When you think of getting into Naomi’s ass thing outside the box. She can take your cock and also a dild at the same time. If she screams, smack her ass hard and tell her to scream again.

Nothing turns her on more or makes her cock harder than a good hard ass slamming fuck. Probably the best thing you could do is bring a friend and tag team her tight ass hole. And even with liking the big toys she is very tight.

Curvy Tranny

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