TGirl cleavage!

TGirl cleavage! Hey guys. I have another question for you. But first I wanted to thank all my members that send me emails with replies. And then to just ask the visitors here to post comments so we can all share. Anyway so the question is this. How much TGirl cleavage do you like? If you take a look at the image below you can see I am wearing a nice soft tank top with no bra. Yes I actually go out on the street and shopping and such dressed like that! But what do you like in cleavage. A girl with boobs as big as mine? Or someone smaller?

Click on the image below to check out more of this photo set in my members area.
TGirl Cleavage

By the way. I forgot to mention that the rest of this photo set happens to have a nice surprise in it for you. And I think you will love it.

Ok guys so now its time for those comments to star rolling in so get to emailing and posting. I cant wait to read what you have to say!
Further more I want to invite the site surfers to check out all of my sample photos and videos here. Not to worry I get a little big naked for you!

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