Pink Panties on Naomi Chi! Come and take them off of me!

Pink Panties on Naomi Chi ! Come and take them off of me! Ok so this is a pair of panties that a fan bought me and I wanted to show them off. For anyone that wants to do the same just let me know in my members area.

And before you decide to buy me something make sure to ask me about it. I like to know why you want to buy and how I can please you with it. You need to get off. So lets work it out.

Check out the panties in the photo below. Write me a story for what ever you want to buy me. He did and titled it Naomi Chi in pink panties! Also if you have a sample of what you want to buy, show me.

Just imagine crawling up on the bed as I sit like this waiting for you. My thick legs spread with panties covering my cock. Having my juicy tits waiting to be kissed, licked and sucked on! Now imagine my cock growing hard under my panties! What will you do? Will you lean up and kiss me and slide your tongue in and out of my mouth? Or would you rather slide my cock out of my panties and slide it between your hot wet lips?

Naomi Chi in Pink Panties

TO see the rest of this set click right here. And also see the video as well!

Futhermore guys I do have a lot of other sample photos and videos that you can enjoy! Ass or Tits?

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