Naomi Chi in stockings!

Naomi Chi in stockings

Do you love a sexy pair of stockings? How about when a tranny wears them? Also are they still as sexy as stockings when a woman has them on? Furthermore, there is no slit or little clit at the top, just a hanging or hard cock! So which one is the turn on for you?

Tell me how to wear my stockings. I love when a man tells me exactly how he wants me to look for our date.

Now you can clearly see why this set is called Naomi Chi in stockings! And I don’t remove them during the entire movie. So if you are into hot trans girls in stockings then this movie is for you. So sensual and my cock gets so hard it was aching! It felt like the head was going to bust right out of the skin. And my balls were on fire to shoot a load for you.

Naomi Chi in stockings

If you like something specific let me know by making a comment here or in my members area. I will do my best to get it made for you. I love to please and you are the man I want to please right now.  Lets get hot together!


Naomi Chi!

Sucking Cock! What a turn on!

Check me out spread wide!

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