Anal toy.

Honestly guys I can not tell you how much I love a good anal toy. I had someone recently ask me what I consider good. Well honestly if it will go in my ass then its a good anal toy. 🙂 Yes I am an anal whore and I love it. So when you see me in the street just let me know that you know who I am and that I love anal. I will never be rude about it. Just be polite if Im with someone else.

Now lets talk about my ass. Yes its a big on the big side but I keep it that way so that you can enjoy fucking my love hole better. The more cushion from my ass cheeks the more hammering you can do to my hole. Right?

You can also feel free to put other things in my ass. Think tongue and fingers to start and if your brave and take your time. And you remember to work my cock at the same time, well then you can put your fist in my butt hole. Click now to play with my ass hole!

Anal toy

If all this sounds exciting to you then I want you to join me right now. Dont wait. Once a member message me and I will reply. Then maybe we can hook up to record a movie together. It will be hot and ass pounding fun!

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