White stockings

As many of you already know, Naomi Chi is one of those girls that likes nice things. And her white stockings were no different. When she took them out I was honestly a bit amazed at the quality. She said the nicer they are the hotter she feels and the harder that her cock will get. Naomi told me that the feeling of the white stockings that are thick and nice like hers. Are a turn on as she feels them slide up her legs. Covering her toes and then all the way to her thighs. Where they hold tight to her skin and squeeze her legs.

And she was right of course because I got hard as a rock watching her slip on her white stockings. Over her feet and then up the calf of her leg. I sat and watched as she spread her legs wide and her cock was half hard. But by the time she had them all the way on, her cock was standing stiff and hard.

Just seeing that got me hard so I can only guess what is going to happen to you when you watch this video. She got dressed and then made her erection go down. She got it to go far enough down that she could then enjoy playing with it to get hard again just for you!

Click on the image below and check out the movie right now.

White Stockings

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