Trans Naomi Chi cleavage

Trans Naomi Chi cleavage. Now guys you have to admit than when this pops into your mind a lot of other things pop as well. You all know I have the best cleavage in town and you would love to get your hands on it. Well its about time you do come and see my cleavage. And a lot more!!!

Most of you guys have seen me. But some of you need to see more Trans Naomi Chi cleavage. You also need to see my beautiful big ass. Oh and lets not stop there. Get me hot and you can also play with my big tranny cock as well. I am mostly active unless you know how to get me passive. If you want to learn about that keep reading and I will give you some ideas!

Trans Naomi Chi cleavage

So to get me hot enough to be passive I want you to start out by kissing me. Soft at first with growing passion and urgency. Don’t hut my soft lips. But kiss me hard. Once our breathing speeds up its time for you to start touching me. Caressing my body. Maybe you can work on my tits a little but dont go too fast. Start kissing my neck and slowly working your way down to my beautuful trans girl cleavage!

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