Trans Girl Nipples. I made mine look different.

Trans Girl Nipples. I made mine look different.

Most Trans Girl Nipples are pretty much the same. Some bigger than others but they all have about the same size and color. Most also either have a big scar or the scar is underneath. Well when I got my implants the doctor did them through the nipple and they actually came out amazing as you can see. However I did not like the scar so I decided to make my new tits stand out even more. Hence the tattoos. This gives me some of the most amazing and different Trans Girl Nipples.

The below photo is a great shot of my tattoos. I like for men to pay attention to my nipples because like most other girls they are quite sensitive. So when we finally meet I want you to give them the attention they deserve. That means your hands need to be all over them. Then your lips and if you want a great titty fuck, we can do that as well.

Trans Girl Nipples

But what ever you do, don’t miss out on paying some attention to my fat juicy cock and ass. My love hole is so tight it will hurt when you penetrate me but that’s ok with me.

If you want to see more samples of me, click the link just below.
Naomi Chi Nude

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