Trans girl ass in stockings

OK so i know I can not have my trans girl ass in stockings. Not really. But its a figure of speech. I have a trans girl ass and I am in stockings. Right? Is that not how I should say this? Anyway that is what I called the set. Trans Girl Ass in stockings. Let me explain what happened to get me into them. I was shooting photos and movies for my fans and I had this set of lingerie. However as I went to put it on, it ripped. And I dont mean just a little. I mean a lot. It was unusable as Lingerie and only good for cleaning something up. So I tossed it into the trans and was a little upset.

Then out of no where the camera guy hands me this. It was perfect and I thought it would make the perfect set. I love white anyway. So I as I put it on I got really excited. Then when I saw my ass in the mirror I knew this had to be called Trans girl ass in stockings. Ohhhh I felt so sexy. My cock even got super hard. So hard in fact that it hurt. But that hurt that feels wonderful.

Click on the image below to see the photo set and also the movie.
Trans girl ass in lingerie

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