Spread open ass

Most men tend to think of a spread open ass as someone pulling back their butt cheeks. But in reality. It goes deeper than that!! And I mean all the way to the love hole. Yes that is what a spread open ass is. And that is the topic we have today as well as the hot photo of Naomi Chi’s spread open ass.

So once you see this spread open ass. Does it make you want to lube up your cock and stick it in? Sure as hell got me hard and ready. But the best part about this open ass is who it belongs to. If you dont know much about Naomi you need to read this next part.

Naomi Chi is one of those girls that loves to get off. And she is always searching out new ways to make herself cum. And one of the ways that she has done that is through large object insertion. That means anything that is bigger than an average cock. She will use her hand or yours or a very big toy. Once it goes into her ass she will move it in and out for a while and then start stroking that big cock of hers. Naomi’s nipples will get nice and hard and then she will finally shoot a huge load.

Click on the image to watch the movie and see how it all goes down.
Spread open ass

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