Short red dress!

I think every man likes to see a woman in a short red dress. For starters the color red makes a lot of men think that the girl is naughty. And with this Short red dress on Naomi Chi you can bet your ass she is naughty! The other nice thing about a short dress is that you can see flashes of skin, panties and sometimes more. And again with Naomi in the dress you get to see a big trans girl ass and also a big trans girl cock.

Now normally she would not go out in such a short dress without panties. Her cock is just too big and shows when she walks. So she has to put on panties. But even still can you imagine being at a coffee house or someplace outdoors. Naomi is sitting across from you and every time she moves. You get a hot flash of her panties! It would drive you nuts getting to see up her dress. And then if you managed to do something to get Naomi hot. You might even see her have to fight with her cock to keep it in her panties.

Click on the image right now to see more of this photo set as well as see the movie that was made of her stripping off this dress and masturbating.
Short red dress

Do not miss out on how hot this movie is. Click right here and join Naomi right now.

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