Naomi Chi’s sex toys

Want to get a look at Naomi Chi’s sex toys? Well in the free sample video and photo below you get to see two of them. These two sex toys happen to be the smaller ones that she owns. Now Im not talking smaller in length. I am talking smaller in girth! Yes Naomi Chi likes her toys big and round. Able to spread open her big tranny ass! And if you have not yet had the chance to watch one of her movies where she plays with her bigger toys. Then you are really missing out on something hot. Click on a text link here or the image below to see for yourself.

Now as most of you know, Naomi Chi is a busty blonde with really nice tits. She also happens to have those very sexy nipple tattoos. As well as having a very big juicy ass and a big fat tranny cock. Naomi loves to be with a man that will pay attention to every part of her beautiful body. And also with a man that will stimulate her mind. So make sure when you hook up with her that you bring your A game because Naomi Chi’s sex toys will most likely be there as well. And you need to know what to do with them!

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Naomi Chi's sex toys

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