Naomi Chi side Boob

Naomi Chi side Boob

There are a lot of trans girls out that that have photos of hot side boob. But I think when it comes down to it that Naomi does the side boob shots the best. Take a look at the photo below and realize that its not just side boob from one side. But its from both! Left and right you can see both shots. Look in the mirror for the second one and notice that its a very clear shot of Naomi Chi side Boob.

Naomi wanted to share these boob shots with you because she had so much fun working out the poses. And by the time she was done stripping off her bikini, her cock was rock hard and her nipples were throbbing from the need to be sucked on.

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Naomi Chi side Boob

She says that she loves when a man pays attention to her boobs. Being on the beach in a bikini and the guy she is with constantly touching her boobs. Makes her hot and makes her want to suck your cock right down her throat no matter where she is.

For more sample photos of Naomi, you can click her name here. Hung Naomi Chi!

Oterwise make sure to click on the image or text link above to check out the tour and members area of Naomi’s site.

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