Naomi Chi Fucks Nina StrongHold

Naomi Chi Fucks Nina StrongHold!!! Now this is some action I know you have wanted to check out!

The two hot busty ladies were in the same city so we decided to introduce them. Once in the same room the air was charged with sex static and if you know what that means. Then you know its a HOT feeling. And they could not stop touching each other. During one break from photos, Nina was sitting next to Naomi and gently stroking Naomi’s cock. It was a very private moment and not intended so it was not recorded. But when they said they wanted to fuck. Well that had to be just for your enjoyment.

So the photo below is a screen cap from the movie of these lovely trans girls fucking. And Naomi Chi fucks Nina StrongHold very well. Nina takes that big cock deep and loves the penetration as well as when she pulls her cock out. As you know both can hurt at first. But its that pain filled with pleasure and Nina can never get enough of that!

You can click on a text link or the photo below to see this movie in Naomi Chi’s members area right now.

Naomi Chi fucks Nina StrongHold

Do not miss out on this action of Naomi Chi Fucks Nina StrongHold!

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