High Heels, Legs and a surprise!

High Heels, Legs and a surprise!

Hello my favorite fans. How are you today? I am doing great and wanted to share another photo with you.  This one is as the title says, all about my High heels, legs and a surprise!  Most of you already know what the surprise is. And yes its simple. Its my Tgirl cock that I have hidden in this sexy outfit.  It is also pretty obvious that I have my nipples almost concealed under that outfit as well. But those are another topic another day dont you agree.

Right now lets work on getting my legs open so that you can enjoy the candycane at the top!

Oh, How do you get my legs open? Well you can start out by kissing the top of my feet in my heels. Do not take them off though.
High Heels

That’s right. Gentle. Kiss them and lick them a little. Now start working your way up my legs to my calf. Keep your hands down as my legs will open on their own at the right time.

Now that you are at my knees its time to click on that image above. You can then see the rest of this set as my knees open and my cancycane comes out! Do not miss this set. It really is super hot!

Otherwise if you want to see more samples on this site you can. Just click on the text below.

Naomi Chi’s juggs!

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