Body stocking and how they should look

Body stocking

Hey guys. I wanted to show you how I think a Lingerie body stocking should be seen by a man when he comes home. Yeah that’s right, I think you need to come home to a woman with a little extra. See mine? Its not so little! And this is also the way the body stocking should be on when he arrives.

Now will you be so kind as to sink down to your knees in front of me. That’s right! Now take my cock in your hand. Gently squeeze it and stroke it. Do you feel the blood rushing into it to get hard. Thats right. Now take my balls in one hand and gently squeeze them while you stroke my love rod. Can you feel its getting harder? Good. Now open your lips and mouth! Thats right. Take my cock into your mouth. Use your lips to lube my shaft as it goes deeper. Ahh now I feel it touching the back of your throat!

Body stocking

If you want to see the rest of this photo set, full size images are really big or you want to check out some videos of me in body stockings to see what you could be coming home to, then join my websites RIGHT Now by clicking one of the text links.

XOXO Naomi.

Pre Tattoos. New big tits!

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