Anal Toy

Who wants to play with an anal toy? Yeah we all do and its a lot more fun if we get to stick it inside a girl like Naomi Chi. Now can anyone reading this say which of those two toys in Naomi’s had is her favorite anal toy?

Most of you have been fans of Naomi for some time. And a lot of you know that she loves to fuck. Sucking cock is her second favorite thing. Top or bottom Naomi Chi does not care. She just wants sex and every thing that comes with it. So. Now with this new information which of those toys between her legs is her favorite? If you guessed both you are correct. She likes to use them both and if she can at the same time. It is that super ass stretching that gets her hard and makes her cum.

And for those of you who have never seen Naomi Chi Cum. Well its a site to see and you are going to love watching it in her movies.

Anal toy

Do not hesitate to see more of this hot babe and her anal toy. She loves to get off and does it on video all the time. So click right now on a text link or the image so that you can see more. And further more you can cum with her.

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