Anal Masturbation

Trans girls love anal masturbation. That means that they either finger their own ass to get off. Or they use a toy. Like a big dildo or even sometimes a cucumber or something. It just needs to be something that can penetrate their ass and slide in and out. For some girls the bigger the better. For other girls they need or want something very small. Anal Masturbation is as much about the penetration as it is about the rubbing of the prostate.

Take a look at the anal masturbation photo below of Naomi Chi. That didlo that you can see sticking out of her ass is more than three quarters of the way inside. She was stroking it in and out all the way. And that dildo is 14 inches long. She says that stroking her hole and her cock at the same time give her amazing orgasms.

Take a look at this image. It is actually a screen grab from the movie Naomi was making with her anal toy. The image has been made smaller to fit on this blog but the movie in her members area is full size and amazing quality.

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Anal Masturbation

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