4 trans girls.

4 trans girls. Hey guys. Its me, Naomi with a little story about 4 trans girls. We all got invited to work at this amazing apartment for a photo and video shoot. But none of us planed the idea that we would all end up masturbating and cumming on one of the other girls. As you can see in the image below we are dressed hot and looking good for the camera. From the left is me. Then Nina is standing on the right. Nikki is sitting on the little sofa and Tania is squatting down. Also, which of us is the hottest? I mean in over all look and body shape.

After shooting the photos for this set we all got dressed in black and went to the bed room. It was supposed to be just modeling and getting dressed to go out. But we ended up taking advantage if Nina. And she fucking loved the attention! Having all of our cocks all over her. And then finally dropping our hot loads on her big tits! Just thinking about it makes my cock twitch.

Click the image below to check out more of this photo set.
4 trans girls

The scene of us in black and in the bedroom is a video and I know you will love watching the cum fly! So click that image above right now and take a look at this hot set.

Otherwise if you want to surf more samples of me getting naked or some of my hot trans girlfriends. Then click that link!

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