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Want to Fuck Tranny Ass? Come and get mine! So as I understand it a lot of you want to fuck tranny ass! Well its actually easier than you think. Next time you feel that tickle in your balls and cock head out to your favorite bar where the tranny ass hangs out. You know which place i am talking about. Don’t be shy just go in and find the girl that makes your cock start to get hard.

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Once you find her. Just simply talk to her. Buy her a few drinks and also make sure to be nice. But honest and direct. Let her know you want some of that ass. Trust me she is going to respond. I do every time.

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There is not a tranny out there that does not want to fuck and get some ass or have her ass taken.

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Want to Suck Tranny Cock? Im ready!

Want to Suck Tranny Cock? Im ready! Thats right I love to have my cock sucked from soft to hard. Then let me shoot a load of cum in your mouth and then suck me until soft again! Now do you want to suck tranny cock? Yes you do and I am ready for you.

For those of you who have not seen or also just want to see a big tranny cock. I have one. But it takes a lot of stimulation to get me hard. You can put your fist in my ass and stroke my cock by hand or mouth! Bite my nipples and also pull my hair.

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Be wild and rough and my cock will get hard as a rock. Then we can abuse each other until we shoot loads of cum. Bath in it and play with it. Just fuck me as hard as you can for as long as you can.

Ream my tight little trany ass and also make my cock sore.

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TS Naomi Chi’s Tattoos! This is from before!

TS Naomi Chi’s Tattoos! This is from before! So, a few fans wanted to see photos of me without the tattoos and I showed them this set of photos. Its from before the tattoos but after the surgery by a few weeks. Hence the topic of TS Naomi Chi’s Tattoos!

I got them because I thought they brought a vision of me to peoples minds. I also wanted men to remember me. Not only for the big perfect tits! jijijij But also for the tattoos, my face and most of all my thick and juicy cock!

TS Naomi Chi's Tattoos

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Big hugs and also kisses. Naomi!

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Big cock small hands! And what a hand full Naomi has!!

Big cock small hands! And what a hand full Naomi has!! Naomi Chi has a big cock small hands and very full heavy tits. All of this that makes her the amazing tranny that she is are what we are all wanting to play with. So behind hand number one is a full and heavy tit that wants to be sucked and fondled. And behind hand number two is a thick cock that grows long and hard when sucked and played with!

Furthermore Naomi has an ass hole love tunnel that you can not miss. Stick in your tongue or fingers and also your cock into it. Naomi will squeeze them tight and make you cum !

Big cock small hands

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Tranny tits cock and legs! Naomi Chi in a body stocking!

Tranny tits cock and legs! Naomi Chi in a body stocking! Finally a hot piece of tranny ass! Tranny tits cock and legs are something I am always looking for just like you. Naomi Chi is the perfect build and she wanted to ask you something.

” What parts that you see in this photo do you want to hold and also play with? ”

Well there you have it. A quesiton from the amazing tranny herself so make comments and reviews and let her know.

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Tranny tits cock

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Naomi Chi’s cock balls and much more!

Naomi Chi’s cock balls and much more! In addition to being super cute Naomi Chi’s cock balls and ass are some amazing things to look at! With big round tits and very well tattooed nipples! Naomi’s thick and juicy ass that squeezes her tranny love hole closed. All the way around to her thick and juicy cock that needs to be sucked!

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Naomi Chi's cock balls

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Tranny 4some With Naomi Chi and others!

Tranny 4some With Naomi Chi and others! First of all can you name the tranny babes you see in the tranny 4some photo below? Im sure the one that is only a knee will escape you. But thats ok!

The names are as follows from left to right!

Naomi Chi
Nikki Montero
Nina StrongHold
And the knee is Tania Q!

Also dont think that Tania was not an important part of this sex 4some! She sure as hell was. But this was my faovirte photo of Naomi!

Tranny 4some

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