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Sex Egg. Do you know what a sex egg is and what to do with it? As the name sounds this is a sex toy that you can use to get off. The hot part about this toy is that it is used by people like me and you as well as professional pornstars.

Now you may not really know what it is, but its name implies its look. This sex toy looks like and egg. It is a bit pointed at the top and has a small hole on the bottom. That hole is of course the part that makes this fun. Each Sex egg has a different inside so that the sensations are different and intense.

If you have never seen one used its going to be a whole new learning experience for you and well worth the few dollars to get them.

Below we have found a way for you to get your very own sex egg for 65% off the retail store price. Delivered to your home in a very discrete package. This means no one knows what you are doing unless you tell them about it.

We also have a demonstration video by our favorite trans porn star Mariana Cordoba




12 PCS 6PCS 12 Type Egg Cup Portable Simulation Human Vaginal Masturbation Device Adult Sex Toys Male Masturbation Device

Please note: In order to improve the customs clearance rate and reduce the buyer’s freight,to achieve the purpose of lowering the price. We simplified the packaging. There is no lubricant in the eggshell plastic packaging. If you don’t like the packaging without lubricant, please don’t buy it.
Privacy assurance :
Your privacy is most important to us. There will be no information about the product on the package (if you have any other requirements, please send us a message). With our careful packaging, you can rest assured of shopping. The only person who knows what is inside the package is you!




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6PCS Style1-6

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