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Denim Boots! Be it a woman a trans or a man that loves to wear womens clothing and shoes, this set of Denim boots is for you. Trust me when I say they are not only going to look great on you but they are going to make you feel sexy as hell. Just order them and put them on to see what I mean.

The feel of the boot going all the way up to your knee. Then the heel under your feet. It will thrust your ass out and chest out and with the proper slutty outfit its going to drive your partner crazy. So make sure to check out some of the other items we have here that you can match with these Denim boots.








When shopping always remember that you are not only picking things that you want to wear. You are also picking things that are going to make you look good. And when you look good you feel good. So it goes without saying that when you look sexy you feel sexy. And that means that others will see you the same way. So make sure to mix and match as you shop. Add these boots to your cart right now and then click below for some other sexy things you can wear.

Sexy clothing

Or maybe a Hot Sex toy!

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Navyblue, Blue

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35(22.5 cm), 36(23 cm), 37(23.5 cm), 38(24 cm), 39(24.5 cm), 40(25 cm)

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