Cotton Short Socks



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Cotton Short Socks

Cotton Short Socks are exactly what they sound like and I wont bore you with a lot of talk about me wearing them. And yes I actually have some because I wear them when I go to the gym or go out running or for a long walk. These Socks I have here are the exact kind I own and I think you should own some too. So add them to your cart and make sure you have enough to wear a pair every day.

Cotton Short Socks

1. Style: Cotton ankle socks;

2. Solid color and  pure cotton, breathable sole mesh, lengthened heel, elastic socks, ankle protection design, moderate thickness

3. Features: pure cotton breathable, sweat-absorbing, deodorant;

4. Comfort: soft and comfortable, fit without slipping;

5. Occasions: office, school, hiking, outdoor, home, work, daily and holiday;

Cotton Short SocksCotton Short SocksCotton Short Socks







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