Cotton Pants



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Cotton Pants

This is one thing you are going to love. I know I love these Cotton Pants for a number of reasons and I think you will as well.

First and foremost these Cotton Pants look great. And also not only that. But they feel great as well. Wearing them or being with the man wearing them. Especially when we are close enough that I can feel the cotton rub against my legs. Talk about a turn on! Makes me hard thinking about it.

Oh. I hope you realized this is me, Naomi Chi the super hot Trans girl that you love so much. And I was showing you these pants because I think you will love them. And I also beleive that the way you look says a lot about who you are!

These Pants are perfect for home wear and also when you go out to a casual place or casual party. The are nice and soft and I know your ass is going to feel and also look amazing in them. So make sure to purchase one in every color so you can wear them often!

Cotton Pants
long Cotton Pants
Cotton Pants with pockets
Cotton Pants
Soft Cotton Pants
Casual Cotton Pants
Cotton Pants for home

You might want to buy a pair in every color. I am certain that once you put them on, you wont want to ever take them off. Add them to your cart right now!

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