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Casual Dress Shirts. We all know what they are. But I also want you to know that I find them very sexy on a man. When dressed in a casual shirt like this you look at ease with yourself and that confidence just flows into who you are. It makes you more attractive to not only me, your favorite trans girl. But it also makes you more attractive to other ladies as well.

I know and I understand that the idea of Casual Dress Shirts is more about your comfort that anything. But when you stop to think about it. Why not just look good at the same time. So when I was thinking about the look on men I like. I found these shirts to share with you. I think they look amazing and the fans that already have them say they fit perfectly! So its time to get your own right now. In fact you are going to want to get them in multiple colors. Get one for every day and for every occasion.

And then once you have them. Make sure to take some photos and show them to me. I can not wait to see you wearing them.
XOXO Nomi Chi

Casual Dress Shirts
Casual Shirts
Dress Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts
Long sleeve Dress Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts
Long sleeve Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts colors
Casual Dress Shirts
Casual elegant Dress Shirts
Dress Shirts
Casual Dress Shirts

Now that you have seen these shirts. And also now that you know I really love this look. Make sure to add some to your cart today. Once you are done with your shopping just click and pay and the items you chose will be on the way. Yeah I know. But what about amazon. Well you can pay them two times as much for the same things or you can save with me and also make me a very happy trans girl.


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Black, navy, light blue, light gray, Dark Grey, Green, wine red, White, Yellow


M 40kg-45kg, L 46kg-52kg, XL 53kg-58kg, XXL 59kg-63kg, 3XL 64kg-69kg, 4XL 70kg-75kg

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