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Every Sissy closet needs this set of Bow Lace Top Thigh High Stockings!  Wait! What? You dont have a sissy closet? Well then you need to start building one right now and the best way to do that is to start shopping. Buying the things that you need to fill your first sissy closet.

Now while you are thinking about what it takes to build and stock a Sissy closet. Make sure to check out the Bow Lace Top Thigh High Stockings in the image below. Once you have seen these you will be dieing to get a pair. So go right ahead and add them to your shopping cart. Get them in every color you can and really build up some nice things for your closet.

Size: one size fits all
Package Included: 1 pairs x women, mens, trans stockings

So now we are on the way to building that close. Make sure to add these stockings first. There now what else do you need? Ahh yes. How about a nice sexy Cosplay dress. We actually have two very nice ones. For the Less expensive CosPlay dress click there <—  For the more expensive Sissy Cosplay dress click there <—-

Also remember that you need High Heels and many other things to really get things going. We have it all and at the very best prices. Click right now and get going with the rest of your Sissy Shopping. After all. Sissy shopping means lots of action in your very near future.

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black 1, black 2, white 2, black 3, white 3, black 4, white 4, black 5, white 5, black 6, white 6, black 7, white 7, black 8, white 8, black 9, white 9, black 10, white 10


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